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Lost & Found

Loosing your beloved pet can be a very difficult and stressful event.  The Humane Society & SPCA of Hancock County regularly takes in animals that have been found without an owner.  It is our goal to reunite lost animals with the family they love. 

Many actions can be taken to help ensure your pet is returned to you should he or she wander away from home:

  • Affix a tag to his or her collar with your name and phone number.
    Additionally, make sure your dog's county license is on their collar - Animal control can locate your information from the license number.
  • Have your pet microchipped. A microchip is a permanent form of identification.
  • If your pet is microchipped, be sure your information is kept current with the microchip provider. Microchip providers allow you to update your information for free, regardless of current membership status.
  • Immediately contact Animal Control or file a lost report online as soon as you notice your pet is missing.
  • Post flyers in the area your pet went missing. Provide a detailed description and picture if possible and how to contact you if someone finds your pet.
  • Utilize social media. Share a description and picture of your pet and area he or she was last seen.
  • Contact your local newspaper. Newspapers will often print lost and found notices free of charge.